Memphis Light, Gas and Water's Text Alerts program notifies customers of billing due dates and impending cut-offs via text messaging.

Participants in the MLGW Text Alerts program will receive a notification approximately three business days prior to their billing due date and/or scheduled cut-off date only if there is a balance due.

NOTE: Customer balances in MLGW Text Alerts may not reflect recent payments or adjustments to your account.

Please note the following requirements for participation in MLGW's Text Alerts Program.

  • Customer will be responsible for paying any fees charged by their carrier for text messages.
  • Do not depend on the Text Alert as your primary means for notification. Failure to receive a Text Alert will not relieve you of your obligation to pay your MLGW bill in a timely manner.
  • We respect your privacy. All information will only be used in the manner herein described. Memphis Light, Gas and Water will not sell a user's personal information to third parties for any purpose. Memphis Light, Gas and Water may aggregate information on our entire customer base for analysis purposes, but a user's individual personal information will never be sold or provided to any party.
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