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Make the Green Power Switch!

With Green Power Switch, you have the power to change the way electricity is generated throughout the region, reducing emissions and saving natural resources. If you wish to buy green power, Green Power Switch is just for you. If you wish to generate green power, Green Power Providers provides incentives.  

Interested in buying green power?
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), in partnership with MLGW and other electric utilities, has created Green Power Switch, a green energy pricing program designed to fund new sources of electric generation.  By converting the energy in the sun, wind and methane gas, TVA now generates a portion of our electricity from renewable resources.  This clean, green energy gets mixed into the overall electric supply, reducing the need for traditional generation.  Currently, green power accounts for far less than 1% of the electricity TVA generates but, as more customers enroll, that percentage will grow. Currently, more than 12,000 households and businesses across the Tennessee Valley participate.

While renewable energy resources are free, the facilities designed to capture their energy and generate electricity are far more expensive to construct than traditional plants.  To encourage investment in these costlyfacilities, environmentally conscious customers like you can voice your support by purchasing green power for $4 per block.  This cost appears as a line item on your monthly MLGW bill, in addition to your normal electric charges.


Residential Customers Commercial Customers

*News: Local customer participation earned MLGW the 2013 Top New Recruiter award from TVA.  More than 518 MLGW customers enrolled in Green Power Switch in 2013, bringing total local participation to nearly 1,900 homes, businesses and organizations. Read Full News Release.


Interested in generating renewable power at your home or business?
TVA’s Green Power Providers program is available for MLGW  customers who wish to generate renewable power onsite and sell 100% of their output to TVA. Eligible renewables sources include solar, wind and biomass.
  • Green Power Providers Guidelines contains TVA program requirements, rules and incentive information.  Start here.
  • Green Power Providers has a 2015 program capacity of 10 MW.  A Green Power Providers apacity Reservation Request webform  should be submitted to begin the process.  The initial application period will begin on 1/26/2015 and end 2/13/2015.
    • If requests received by TVA total more than 10 MW (specifically, 4 MW for residential and 6 MW for non-residential), a random selection process will be used to select projects in each segment for the full application process.  A 30% waitlist will also be created, in case any approved projects are cancelled later.
    • If requests received by TVA do not meet or exceed 10 MW (specifically, 4 MW for residential and 6 MW for non-residential), then customers may continue to submit Green Power Providers Capacity Reservation Request forms until the 4 MW residential and 6 MW non-residential capacity marks are reached, followed by the 30% waitlist.   Check TVA's Green Power Providers Dashboard to see how much generation availability still exists in the current calendar year.  
  • TVA has introduced new electronic forms replacing the paper versions of the Capacity Reservation Request, Participation Agreement and other program documents.  These electronic forms will be available at http://www.tva.com/greenpowerswitch/providers/, starting 1/26/2015.   However, MLGW’s Application for Interconnection remains a PDF that you must print out from our website, complete and return. 

Additional information:
  • Federal Tax Credits are applicable for solar generation equipment installed through 2016. The credit is equal to 30% of the installed system cost.
  • Neither MLGW nor TVA provides financing for renewable generation. Businesses and certain non-profits may qualify for low-interest loans through the Energy Efficiency Loan program at Pathway Lending. Visit www.pathwaylending.org for details about this program, which uses public and private funds to encourage investments in energy efficiency and renewable generation.
  • For more information, visit TVA's Green Power Providers website.

Interested in generating more than 50 kW of renewable power?
TVA offers the Renewable Standard Offer (RSO) for renewable generation projects with capacity greater than 50 kW up to 20 MW. For 2015, TVA offers 100 MW of capacity.  TVA  offers an additional 20 MW of solar-only capacity under the Solar Solutions Initiative (SSI), which features a price overlay for RSO projects of greater than 50 kW and up to 1 MW.  For details on RSO and SSI, visit TVA's website.  You must submit an Application for Interconnection to MLGW for discussions on interconnection feasibility prior to submitting your RSO application to TVA. Check here to see available capacity