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How does MLGW read my meter?
MLGW's Meter Readers use state-of-the-art hand-held computers when recording their readings, and the information is downloaded into the utility's mainframe at the end of each day.

The hand-held computer is highly reliable and has greatly reduced the potential for error. For one thing, it has virtually eliminated paperwork throughout the meter reading process.

In addition, it has a built-in safeguard: if a meter reader accidentally enters a number that the computer believes would lead to an unrealistic bill, it will sound an alarm so that the meter can be re-read or verified.

When is my meter read?
MLGW reads nearly 1 million meters each month. On the right side of your bill, a blue-shaded column includes the date and time your meter was read for your current bill, as well as the exact date that your next meter reading will occur. Click here for an interactive bill sample to see where to obtain this information.

How can I help make sure my meter is read?
Remember, it's important that our meter readers have easy access to your meters on the date they are scheduled to come. Overgrown shrubbery can make a meter difficult to locate, while a locked gate or dog in the yard can make your meter completely inaccessible. These and other obstacles often mean that your bill must be estimated.

How can I read my own meter?
You can track your own utility usage by using these instructions for reading your own meter.

Does MLGW estimate bills?
Like your car's odometer, which records how many miles you have driven, your meters record how much electricity, gas and water you have used. If, for some reason, we are unable to access your meter or extenuating circumstances such as severe weather prevent us from reading your meter, we will calculate your bill based on your history of usage and that month's weather. After the next actual reading, your bill will automatically be reconciled and adjusted if our estimate was too high or too low. In either case, you pay only for the services you have used.

If your bill has been estimated, it will be clearly stated on the bill.

To help reduce the possibility of your meters being estimated, please make sure that you provide easy access to all meters on the date that our meter reader is scheduled to visit. This date appears in the blue-shaded column on the right of your bill.

In the rare event that your meter readings have been estimated on consecutive months, please call us to discuss possible problems our meter readers are having in accessing your meter. This will allow you to identify the problem and schedule an actual reading.