Residential / Assistance Programs

We realize that our customers sometimes have extenuating circumstances that prevent the timely payment of utility bills. To help ease this burden, we've developed the following payment and assistance programs, as well as extension policies.

For more information about these programs, call the Memphis Light, Gas and Water Customer Care Center at (901) 544-6549, visit one of our Community Offices or click on links below. Brochures are also available online for a number of these programs.


Extended Payment Plan:
In certain instances, MLGW may establish a repayment plan of a past due balance in addition to the regular utility bill.

Net Due Date Program:
If you are retired or on a fixed income and receive only one check at the beginning of each month, you may qualify for this plan. You may request that the net due date on your bill be delayed until after you have received your check.

Holiday Bill Break:
MLGW will defer cutoffs for nonpayment for all residential customers between December 15th and January 14th annually. Customers must have an unpaid balance of $399 or less. This new program will allow customers to have extra cash during the holidays while protecting them from getting into serious debt.

Winter Moratorium:

MLGW’s Winter Moratorium provides elderly (60+) and disabled customers uninterrupted utility service during the coldest months of the year (December 1–March 1), however customers are not relieved of their obligation to pay. Click for more information about MLGW's Winter Moratorium program.


You may designate a third party for us to notify in the event of a pending service cutoff due to non-payment or insufficient payments. The third party will not be responsible for paying your bill, but will act as an additional communication link. Call (901) 544-6549 for more information.


Any of us could face a financial crisis due to unforeseen events like a death in the family or a job loss, but thankfully, the Plus-1 program provides one-time utility assistance during such hardships. You hold the power to help those in need by giving to Plus-1 simply by adding a dollar or more to your utility bill each month. Click for more information about the Plus-1 program.


Behind on your bills? Struggling to make ends meet? On Track, a budgeting education program provided by MLGW, may be able to help you. The program provides energy and financial information to customers in need of help. Click for more information about MLGW's OnTrack program.



Share the Pennies provides grants of up to $4,000 to low-income homeowners to increase energy savings by making weatherization repairs in their homes (e.g., fixing broken windows, repairing a furnace, sealing doors, stopping water or gas leaks). An MLGW Energy Technician completes an energy audit at the customers’ home and determines which repairs will have the most significant impact on energy efficiency. If the applicant is approved, MLGW hires contractors to complete repairs FREE of charge to the customer. To qualify, customers must own their home and have a total household income of less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Other restrictions may apply. For more information about Share the Pennies grants and how to apply, visit

Weatherization grants are funded by donations from customers through MLGW’s Share the Pennies utility bill round-up program. To opt out of donating to the program, visit or call 544-6549.


MLGW's Budget Billing is designed so that you can pay the same amount every month on your utility bill. Your "budget bill" is calculated by averaging your utility bills over two six-month periods from the previous year (April-September and October-March). Click for more information about MLGW's Budget Billing program.

With the MLGW AutoPay program, your utility bill is deducted from your bank account each month. You still receive a statement so you can keep track of your usage, but your checking account is automatically deducted on the net due date shown on your bill. Click for more information about MLGW's AutoPay program.