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Welcome to Meter Intelligence, a web-based meter data analysis service offered by MLGW to assist eligible Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Government Customers in accessing and analyzing electricity and/or natural gas load profiles. Meter Intelligence transforms data into information, helping you make smart energy management decisions to improve your organization's bottom line. 

Already a Registered User? 

1) Using the new system which debuted in August 2020?  Enter Here.

2) Still using the old system?  Enter Here.  (Be sure to provide your updated user list to MLGW to have access created for the new system, which has greatly expanded features.) 

With Meter Intelligence, MLGW posts your interval data each morning, after the nightly meter reading, providing access to energy data that can help you improve energy management efforts. The application includes up to 24 months of historic interval data, so you can compare current operations to those over the last two years - which is especially valuable if you've made any recent facility improvements.

Meter Intelligence enables you to:
  • View your electric and/or natural gas data in tabular and graph formats, plus download or print for further analysis. Electric meter data is displayed in kWh, kW, KVar, KVA and Power Factor. Gas data is displayed in MCF (multiply by 10 to calculate CCF, the unit MLGW uses for billing.)
  • Benchmark multiple meters or facilities and totalize your individual meters' load profiles for a complete overview.
  • Compare historic usage to current time frames, to show the impact of operational changes or facility improvements.
  • Receive e-mail alerts when your meter exceeds user-defined parameters, eliminating the need to monitor daily without diminishing your ability to quickly identify and correct energy consumption irregularities.
  • Access data from any Internet-connected computer using password protected login and secure socket layer encryption technology.

  Customer eligibility is based on electric load (measured in kW):
  • Customers with electric demand of 1,000 kW and above typically have the required electric meter (a smart meter number that begins with 31IAW or 31IKW). For those who do not, MLGW will replace the existing meter. Gas meter must have an EVC to qualify.
  • Commercial customers below 1,000 kW are eligible to participate, provided they meet all the following criteria:
      o Are designated MLGW "power" accounts (the word "power" will be printed on your MLGW bill and the "multiplier" listed under the electric charges section of your bill will be 240 or above.)
      o Have circuit transformers (CT)
      o Have required electric meter (a smart meter number that begins with 31IAW or 31IKW). For those who do not, MLGW will replace the existing meter.
      o Gas meter must have an EVC to qualify.
  • At this time, no other customers are eligible for Meter Intelligence participation.
  • MLGW can help you determine whether your metering infrastructure and load qualify for Meter Intelligence.
Meter Intelligence is available in 2022-2023 for a monthly fee of $25.00 per meter, plus a one-time $75 per meter set-up fee. There is no additional cost for multiple users, so we encourage you to request individual user access rather than sharing. For more information or to enroll, contact or call MLGW's Business Solutions Center at (901) 528-4270.

Download the Meter Intelligence Service Agreement

Download the Quick Guide for Users