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Memphis Light, Gas and Water's Land and Mapping department is made up of several areas that perform different functions. The Address Assignment Department functions as the single point of contact for customers that need to obtain, verify or change property or service addresses. Street names are submitted to this department for review and approval.

Address Certificates are provided to customers for proof of address and for obtaining permits from code enforcement agencies. This office reviews land development plats and is the authorized governing body, in conjunction with city and county engineers, responsible for approving new street names being requested.

Address Assignment is responsible for maintaining a structured addressing system throughout Shelby County which is used by MLGW, E-911, USPS and other agencies. Land & Mapping maintains the land database in the GIS (Geographic Information System (GIS) and provides utility availability maps for requesting customers.



5791 Summer Trees Dr.
Memphis, TN 38134
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Mailing Address:
Memphis Light, Gas and Water
Attn: Address Assignment
P.O. Box 430
Memphis, TN 38101

Phone: (901) 729-8620
Fax: (901) 729-8605



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who do I contact if I am moving and need to start/stop/transfer my utility services?

A: Please contact our Customer Care Center at (901) 820-7878

Q: How do I obtain approval of street names I would like to use for my development project?

A: Access our Street Name Search to determine names that are available for use. Names found in the search list are already in use and duplicates will not be accepted. Once street names have been chosen, submit the Street Name Request form and an Address Assignment Representative will return the form with street names that have been approved and those that have been denied. To better ensure that your name(s) will be acceptable for your development, please provide a copy of the development layout. Approval is subject to change upon review of the plans if they are not provided at the time the street names are being requested. Street names will be reserved for up to one year.

Q: What is required to change my address? (NOT for use if you are moving to another house/location-see below)

A: Customers requesting a change of address must submit an Address Change Request form. A fee per address may be charged. (see SOC) Checks must be made payable to: Memphis Light Gas and Water. Customers should note on the check that payment is for an “Address Change.” Customers are responsible for submitting a Change of Address form to the United States Post Office (, updating personal records, and notifying other entities with whom they do business such as property records.

Online Information:

*(This search tool can be used by developers, engineers and other customers that are planning a new land development or are initiating a street name change. Utilize this tool to search in advance for duplicate names or street names that sound alike or similar. Also refer to our "Street Naming Guidelines" before submitting street names for review.)

General Information: