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Utility construction is coordinated through Memphis Light, Gas and Water's Customer Engineering department which has offices at each of our four Service Centers.

The utility service connection process for new construction is divided into six steps:

1. Obtain Site Approval
Contact the Memphis and Shelby County Office of Planning and Development (901) 385-5075 to ensure that your site has been zoned for the proposed commercial use. At this time, you will also want to contact the appropriate Code Enforcement Agency regarding permits and inspections.

2. Obtain and Verify Facility Address
Contact MLGW's Address Assignment department to have an address assigned to your property. MLGW is the only entity which can assign addresses in Memphis and Shelby County.

3. Initiate Work Request
Contact MLGW's Builder Services Center at (901) 729-8630 to initiate a utility work request . Construction plans, load breakdown, and contact information are generally required. You may also request temporary power. Contact MLGW's Customer Engineering staff as needed regarding the technical specifications of your utility service needs. If you are working with a contractor, that person can handle this step.

4. Assist Design Process
Once MLGW has the necessary information, the utility design process begins. You or your designated representative may be contacted during this stage to verify building needs and to pay any construction contribution costs. You may also be required to sign utility service documents. A security deposit may be required for your account depending on credit history.

5. Build, Receive Inspections and Get Utilities
The appropriate Code Enforcement Agency will make various inspections throughout the construction process and must make a final inspection before MLGW can set any meters and provide utilities. (The appropriate Planner/Coordinator schedules utility construction; MLGW's Service Expediter tracks the status of inspections performed by code enforcement agencies.)



General Power Service Agreement

All customers are required to sign a General Power Service Agreement which identifies the customer and outlines contract conditions prior to services being turned on in the customer's name. If applying for service by phone, the form(s) will be mailed for your signature. If applying in person at a community office, the form(s) can be completed at that time.

Valley Investment Initiative

The Valley Investment Initiative (VII) is an economic development incentive jointly offered by TVA and distributors of TVA power, including MLGW. VII rewards end-use power customers in targeted business sectors who make a long-term commitment to the economic development of the Valley. For more information, visit


Tax Exemption

MLGW offers sales tax exemption through the State of Tennessee for qualified religious and non-profit organizations and a reduced or exempt tax rate for manufacturers. If you are an eligible religious or non-profit organization, provide a copy of your completed Tennessee Department of Revenue "Certificate of Exemption" at the time of service request. If you are an eligible manufacturing operation, provide a copy of your completed Tennessee Department of Revenue "Industrial Machinery Authorization Exemption Certificate" to receive the appropriate tax rate.

The tax form must include the same business name and address as the location for which you are requesting utility service. If the information is different, you will need to request a new tax certificate from the state and send it to MLGW before the tax exemption can be applied to your utility account. For information, call the State of Tennessee Sales Tax Department at 1-800-342-1003.


Security Deposit

Based on your company's credit history and financial health, you may be required to pay a security deposit which is typically refunded after two years of good payment history. The security deposit is a separate fee from any construction costs you may pay.

There are several options you may choose in lieu of posting a cash security deposit. Options inlcude:

  • Irrevocable bank letter of credit approved by MLGW
  • Certificate of deposit
  • Surety bond
  • Good MLGW credit history for the same business entity
  • Letter of reference from another utility company (24 months of service and good pay credit history)
  • Waiver based on findings from a certified, audited financial statement

For information, contact MLGW's Business Solutions Center at (901) 528-4270.