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MLGW News Release
MLGW Special Reconnect Program Ends, Deferred Payment Plans Available
August 14, 2012

With lower temperatures expected to continue for the foreseeable future, MLGW's Special Reconnection Program has ended for Residential Customers with the exception of seniors (ages 60 and above), physically challenged and customers certified as life support dependent. Approximately 939 customers took advantage of the program this year.

Heat Related Moratorium
The forecasted lower temperatures mean that MLGW's heat-related moratorium, which suspends cut-offs when the heat index is forecast to be 100 or more (or 95 degrees for senior, physically challenged, and customers certified as dependent on life-sustaining equipment), will likely not be in effect.

MLGW enacts its weather-related moratorium policy whenever these conditions exist:
(a) the forecast heat index will be 100 degrees Fahrenheit or above at any time during a 24-hour period; or
(b) the forecast heat index will be 95 degrees Fahrenheit or above at any time in a 24-hour period for customers 60 years of age or older, physically challenged, or customers certified as life-support dependent.

Relaxed Deferred Payment Plan Available In an effort to offer continued assistance to customers having difficulty paying their bills, MLGW is once again offering a relaxed Deferred Payment Plan.

The Deferred Payment Plan is designed to allow customers who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship and/or have a past due or large utility bill ($250 or more) to pay the bill in installments. The relaxed requirements include:

● The dollar limit of money owed to qualify for deferred payment is $250.

● The minimum initial payment required is 25% of the total balance owed or $250, whichever is less.

● Also, the amount of money owed to qualify for Net Due Date program has been raised from $600 to $900.

● These relaxed rules will remain in place until October 5.

● To inquire about a Deferred Payment Plan, customers can visit one of MLGW’s five Community Office locations and speak with a counselor.  Customers may also call MLGW's Customer Care Center, Monday-Friday (7 a.m.-7 p.m.) at 544-6549.

Quick Codes for Customers Calling About Reconnections or Billing Issues:

Reconnect Services:
--Call 901-544-6549
--Select language of choice
--Press 2-3-1

Billing Issues:
--Call 901-544-6549
--Select language of choice
--Press 2-3-4