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MLGW News Release
MLGW Water Rates Among Nation's Lowest: Memphis ranks second lowest in study of Top 50 largest cities
March 10, 2011
(March 10, 2011) - In a recent investigative report, CNN noted a study by Black & Veatch that showed Memphis water rates as the second lowest among the nation's 50 largest cities.

In the study, Black & Veatch, a global consulting company, studied monthly utility bills from homes using 15,000 gallons of water. Memphis ranked second cheapest at $26.20; Omaha, Nebraska ranked first at $25.33. Nashville ranked 23rd.

While the CNN report focused on high water bills in other states, MLGW has taken a proactive approach to help customers avoid large water bills. In April, for the second consecutive year, MLGW customer field service technicians will go on a door-to-door awareness initiative to talk to more than 800 customers in ZIP zip codes-38104, 38106, 38108, 38111 and 38114—where bills indicated some extreme water usage during the March billing cycle.

The customers identified in these ZIP codes showed at least 39 CCF of water usage whereas the average for MLGW residential water customers is 10 CCF-which is also higher than the national average. 39 CCF is the equivalent of drinking 234,000 16-oz. water bottles or flushing a 15-year-old toilet 1.25 million times during the month of March.

The door-to-door initiative starts April 1. The goal is to make customers aware of factors affecting their bills so they can take steps to reduce their water usage.

High water usage, especially in March, could be a combination of plumbing fixture leaks, water-guzzling fixtures that pre-date the 1990s low-flow toilet/faucet/shower regulations, or even extremely heavy water consumption through laundry and showering habits.

MLGW customer service field technicians will be in uniform and have badge identification. A door tag will be left at homes where no one is present. Field techs will also go door-to-door on April 21.

MLGW is the largest three-service public power utility in the nation, serving more than 423,000 customers in Memphis and Shelby County.