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MLGW News Release
MLGW Gas Leak Surveyors: What you need to know
September 6, 2011
MLGW has received a number of inquiries from customers who have seen our gas leak surveyors working in their respective neighborhoods. Here’s what you need to know about MLGW employees in the field:

  • Gas Leak Surveyors are contracted through MLGW, wear fluorescent Chartreuse Traffic Vests and carry MLGW contract badges.

  • Gas Leak Surveyors use their own personal vehicles. All personal vehicles used by our Leak Surveyors will have clearly marked company signs that indicate their company name (example: Surveys & Analysis - Gas Utility Contractor).

  • Gas Leak Surveyors work eight hours a day, every work day of the year.

  • MLGW is required by the federal government to survey (for gas leaks) all of its gas facilities in certain intervals every year.

  • Leak Surveyor Contractors also inspect for Atmospheric Corrosion. This task is part of a new mandatory requirement handed down by the Department of Transportation, which requires MLGW to inspect a certain number of gas meter sets in our system.

  • If corrosion is discovered on meter sets, it is then necessary to paint them.

  • With 65,000 residential services and over 30,000 businesses, Gas Leak Surveyors perform duties that are very similar to MLGW Meter Readers and travel to different locations throughout the day.

  • Like Meter Readers, after a survey is completed, Gas Leak Surveyors enter the service/customer’s address in a hand held data unit. This information is posted, almost in real time, to MLGW’s customer information system.

  • Because Gas Leak Surveyors are contracted by MLGW to survey gas leaks, they do NOT show in the MLGW work order system. If you have questions or concerns about please contact the “Gas Operations” at 901-320-1520.