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MLGW News Release
MLGW Load Curtailment Program
December 23, 2022
(December 23, 2022) Despite preparation by TVA and MLGW for extreme weather, there are times when demand for service may temporarily exceed the amount of power that can be generated and delivered to our service area.  When those conditions are forecast, TVA and MLGW may ask our customers to voluntarily restrict non-essential electric consumption to avoid impacts to the entire TVA system.  This provision is called a “Step 20” measure.  Should those measures fail to achieve the required reduction, TVA may mandate that local power companies curtail electric service by a designated percentage (like 2.5%, 5% or 10%).  This provision is called a “Step 50” measure and MLGW and other power companies are required to immediately implement the reductions.   What this means in real terms is that MLGW will begin interrupting service to areas of the system for 30-minute periods.  This process is commonly called "rolling blackouts." 

Note:  circuits serving critical facilities like hospitals, wastewater treatment, and water pumping station facilities are excluded from these blackouts.

MLGW will try in every case to advise our customers with as much advance notice as possible so that residents can prepare.   There are times however when notice isn’t possible, and these measures are taken immediately to avoid a larger crisis.   When load curtailment is ordered (rolling blackouts), MLGW will interrupt power in thirty-minute blocks by named circuit groups starting with a named group and proceeding through the list for the duration of the order.   When ordered, MLGW will announce expected start time of the blackout, and group number that will be interrupted first.   Interruptions will then follow in number order until all groups have been affected and then starting again with the original group.   For example: “MLGW will implement load curtailment actions starting at 6 p.m.on (date), commencing with Group 3, and other areas in order for 30-minute periods as necessary”

The “starting group” for any subsequent events will be determined by where the last curtailment action from a preceding event ended.  For example, if the rolling black out order is lifted after an outage in Group 7 has occurred and power restored, the next curtailment action will commence with Group 8.

Please refer to the following group assignment to understand which group is closest to your neighborhood and to estimate when a blackout could affect your neighborhood.

Group 1:
Southwest Memphis, East Memphis (U of M), Arlington, and Hickory Hill
Group 2:
North of Downtown, Main Library Area, and North Germantown
Group 3:
Central Gardens/Midtown, Getwell & 240, South Germantown/Winchester, and East Germantown/West Collierville
Group 4:
McLemore, Rhodes College Area, Presidents Island, East Collierville, North Bartlett, Lakeland, and Shady Grove
Group 5:
Chelsea, Raleigh & Summer, Parkway Village/BNSF Railway
Group 6:
South Downtown, I40/240, North Frayser, Lamar, Millbranch/240, Trinity Commons/Cordova
Group 7:
Hacks Cross Rd South of 385
South Millington/Charles Baker Airport Area, Kellogg, South of Wolfchase, Pidgeon Industrial Park
Group 8:
East Memphis, West of Airport, City of Bartlett, West Collierville
Group 9:
South Frayser, Millington, Berclair, Raleigh, West Holmes Road, Mt. Moriah/American Way


MLGW is the largest three-service public power utility in the nation, serving more than 440,000 customers in Memphis and Shelby County.

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