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Smart Talk: Customer Benefits

There are many operational, human capital and customer benefits associated with smart meters.

For now, let’s focus on the customer.

How will MLGW’s customers benefit from having a smart meter installed?

  • Faster outage detection and quicker restoration times when outages occur
  • Increased premise privacy - no "meter-reading-day" inconveniences (tying up the dog, etc.)
  • Accurate billing  
  • Reduced fees - more than 50 percent savings depending on the type of service
  • Faster connection or reconnection - remote processing means you won’t have to wait for a truck to be dispatched
  • Greater control in energy consumption - using data to make informed decisions

Sounds too "pie in the sky"? Not at all - click on the short video below of Ken, a local homeowner, who volunteered for the Smart Grid Demonstration project. He shares his experience of how he shaved $100 a month off his utility bill by using his personal usage data to make choices about his household’s energy consumption.