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Memphis City Council approves MLGW 2015 Budget: Budget includes third phase of smart meter expansion
(November 20, 2014) The Memphis City Council approved MLGW’s 2015 budget on Tuesday. The $1.7 billion budget will not become final until the approval of the Council minutes on Dec. 2. MLGW’s 2015 proposed budget included a 2.3 percent water rate increase, ... more
Smart Talk: Giving customers a choice
(November 18, 2014) One of the biggest reasons to forge ahead with smart meters can be summed up in one word: choice. An example would be a Raleigh resident who asked to be included in the 60,000 meter installation project. When MLGW installation trucks were in her area, ... more
Smart Talk: Prepay offers savings, freedom
(November 18, 2014) In February 2015, prepay service will be available to current smart meter customers. The new service, only made possible through the automation smart meters afford, will allow customers the flexibility to pay how much and how often they want for utilit... more
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